Friday, 26 February 2010

Looking forward...

I suppose we are in a very fortunate position to have a growing company which is quite simply going from strength to strength, particularly in the current economic climate. This is no accident. We identified an industry with huge growth potential and placed all our efforts into growing our market share and creating one of the most innovative dating software platforms currently available.

Other industries that may be suffering slightly at the moment could really start to bolster their finances by adding some vertical sites to their portfolio including dating sites. This is particularly true if they have an existing online audience which isn’t really monetised.

The dating industry still has so much mileage and will grow well into the next decade and will evolve and re-invent itself as often as it needs to in order to survive.

And that is why NOW is the perfect time to get into this industry. Don’t wait for the day that will never come. Today is the first day of the future.

On another note...
It always amuses me to read the news from our competitors when they announce their ‘latest’ features and improvements and I realise that these features have been ‘standard’ inclusions on our platform since time began. I even read from one competitor that they now ‘validate’ email addresses. One has to worry about the quality of a company’s database if they have been accepting memberships without ‘validating’ email addresses for so long.

 Good to see these companies learning though and running wildly to keep up with the leaders.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Staying ahead of the pack!

With iDate Miami now behind us and a whole new year and fresh set of challenges ahead of us, I thought I’d do a short summary of the last year and make a few promises for 2010.

2009 was the year of globalisation for EasyDate. With having spread into the English speaking population of USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and India, it soon became obvious that the site has mass appeal and the registration numbers went through the roof.
It was also a year for virtual currency and some serious site improvements across our portfolio. We added a points system that allowed members to buy virtual gifts as well as my of the micro upgrades available on our sites.

Now, looking forward into 2010 and what is in store for our white label partners and affiliates, we will be making some serious improvements to our platform and seriously increasing the earning potential for our partners. And by offering even more countries, we are now able to offer those looking to enter the lucrative online dating industry truly global opportunities.

There will be a lot of news coming from EasyDate in the coming year and we expect that those who are looking to work with a company who are making real inroads and ‘visible’ growth will realise that we are the dating platform providers of choice as is evident through our own sites’ performance.

 And finally…. Don’t forget to get on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon. This is a great time for you to see some real performance from your dating site, so grab the opportunity with both hands.