Thursday, 14 January 2010

Your Branding.... Really!!

If building a dating site brand is your long term goal then you need to get it right from the beginning. This is about thinking ahead and making sure that you don't come across problems years down the line when you have grown your dating site and maybe want to consider an exit strategy.

Planning is crucial and that involves making sure you are with the correct white label provider. Clearly my opinion will be biased, so I'll just lay out some facts and you will agree or disagree with them. But either way, they are based on experience and knowledge in this industry.

By building a branded site you will expect it to be part of your business and you will want ownership of the customers that have been attracted to your brand in the first place. After all, their loyalty is to you, because they followed the promises you made in your marketing message. So, ownership of your customers is something you will want to ensure.

Your site itself will need real customisation options so that you can truly give it the look and feel of your existing brand identity or match the brand identity you envisaged from the outset. You'll want the level of customisation that can change the overall colour palette as well as the header and footer of the site.

When you launch your branded dating site you will most definitely want to feel that the company hosting and managing your site is one that is here to stay and that they themselves have solid financial grounding and that their business is successful in its own right and not dependent upon maybe a few white label partners for a large percentage of their revenues. What if these larger partners decided to use another provider? What strain would be place on the company’s resources. And how would that affect you?

This is the level of diligence you should put into finding a white label partner to work with you in building your dating brand.

 Until the next time… good luck.